Financial Planning

The IDEAL financial plan is a simple approach to managing one's finances, with a focus on Five key buckets: Income, Dreams, Education, Altruism and Legacy.


The Income Bucket emphasizes the importance of effectively managing your income, including creating a budget, saving, and investing wisely to ensure financial stability and growth.


The Dreams Bucket encourages individuals to define their life goals and aspirations by setting specific financial goals related to those dreams, such as buying a home, traveling, or pursuing a passion.


The Education Bucket is for a specific goal to cover the costs associated with education, including primary and secondary, college tuition or vocational training for oneself or a family member.


The Altruism Bucket emphasizes the importance of giving back to the community and making a positive impact on the world by incorporating charitable giving into your financial plan through many forms of philanthropy.


The Legacy Bucket is created to ensure that your financial resources are effectively passed on to the next generation. It aims to leave a lasting financial legacy for your loved ones.